I came into 2018 expecting God AND, God showed up.   I came into the year expecting a new thing, AND, Christ has been faithful showing me and my family, some new things.

January 1st, after much opposition from the enemy, for the first time, my husband and I ministered in the county jail TOGETHER! He’s been preaching in the jail since the year started, but never the both of us. I led worship and he preached and the inmates cried and worshiped. Walking in the hallways of the jail as we greeted inmates walking by was surreal, but at the same time, all too familiar. Those inmates were hungry, never seen anything like it and in jail, they worshiped God! I know in my spirit, this is just the beginning.

After years and I mean YEEEAAARRSSS of waiting for a bigger place, January 5th, that door kicked w-i-d-e open and we’re now resting in our larger place. Only God!

Two monumental things happened this year and it’s only day 18 of the year.  Those blessings and breakthroughs aren’t just for me and our family, they’re for us as a body. I’m expecting for the body a season of Jubilee, a divine exchange, a reversal of what’s been stolen and lost.  God has been speaking, “Look Forward! Don’t look back, Look Forward! Expect me and the immpossible and Move Forward.”

In this season of consecration, I’ve been asking God to break up the old in me, limited thinking, old habits and this year unlike many, help me conquer and do the things I couldn’t do before. I believe as I put my hand to the plow, look forward and extend my faith, I’ll break forth! My heart has been longing for my old place, that familiar place, a place I’ve always known but Christ is calling me to look forward, to no longer go or look back and allow Him to give me something new, to leave my past and grace to help me to break forth into my future.

In this season of our lives, let’s believe God! Let’s resolve to no longer look back. We’re unable to do greater works for Christ looking back. Christ desires to do a new thing in each of us, but we have to be willing to keep our eyes forward on him, Go where He’s trying to take us and do what’s necessary to break the old, behaviors and mindset and be in position to birth and nest in the new.  We have no idea what Christ has in store for us as we exercise and extend our faith and believe the impossible as we keep our eyes gazed on Him.

Continue to join me as I share with you what Christ is sharing with me about overcoming. As always, Be Encouraged, Stay Connected, Fight & Let’s Become Free Together!

Check out “Break Out, Break Up, Break Through” with Jentezen Franklin.

Yours in Christ,

Ke’Shawn Adamson



Thanks for stopping by! Continue to join me as I share with you what Christ is sharing with me about overcoming. As always, Be Encouraged, Stay Connected, Fight & Let's Become Free Together. Yours in Christ, Ke'Shawn Adamson, B.O.O.M!

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