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B.O.O.M! is a Christian Blog-site that inspires people to Break, Obliterate and Overcome the Mountains & Vicious Cycles in their lives & Motivation to find their God-given Purpose in Christ.

The origins of B.O.O.M! started with a weakness, my fight against Morbid Obesity. All my life, I struggled with weight issues, but for the most part, my weight was under control and I was able to maintain a decent weight. But as soon as I hit my early twenties, I began to gain weight pretty rapidly which lead to my condition today, morbid obesity. After many trials, traumas, highs and lows as a result of my obesity, during the summer of 2015, The Lord stepped in and said enough is enough. The Lord spoke to my heart and was calling me to lose weight so I could fulfill my full potential and Christ’s ultimate purpose for me upon the earth. The Lord revealed to me that my fight to overcome obesity was connected to my purpose upon the earth and He was holding me accountable to win. So the summer of 2015, I began my journey.

What I’ve come to understand now is that the enemy was using my morbid obesity to kill me to cause me to forfeit my purpose upon the earth. Since I made a commitment to Christ to be diligent to overcome obesity, He’s now teaching me how to overcome by using prayer, fasting and spiritual warfare and of course, practical eating and exercise changes.

For the first time, with the approach of hooking up with Christ through spiritual warfare to overcome obesity to take back my health, I’m overcoming going from 325 pounds in pregnancy weight to currently 256 pounds. The key to my weight loss to date is dealing with the hidden issues, the root causes of why I became obese and since God has healed and delivered me from those roots, I’m freer to successfully make the necessary changes that promote health and wholeness, whereas before, I’d consistently be in a vicious cycle.

Although B.O.O.M!’s origin began due to my struggle with obesity, B.O.O.M! is so much more than obesity and weight loss.

The Mission of B.O.O.M!

Inspire people to fight for their freedom, declare spiritual warfare on anything that keeps them bound, learn how to walk victoriously and get in line with God’s will and purpose for their lives.

The Vision of B.O.O.M!

For everyone to be free, living victoriously and in purpose carrying out some of Christ’s greatest exploits upon the earth. The Vision of B.O.O.M! is to help prepare the way for those fallen to receive new life, new breath, a new heart and spirit in helping to raise up an army for Christ.

God has commissioned me that as I overcome, I share with the people of God what He’s taught and currently teaching me about deliverance, pulling down strongholds and finding freedom in Christ. It’s my prayer and the heart of God, that as I overcome, I can help others overcome too.


I’d like to share with you just a few comments that people have written to me about how B.O.O.M! has inspired and impacted them. Also, the encouragement I received as I overcome my own struggle of Morbid Obesity:

“God’s glorious Truth is empowering you and overflowing in praise to His name! Beautifully and powerfully written. Very encouraging to us believers who struggle as you do. Thank you for having the courage and love to share.”


“Amazing story of strength, endurance, perseverance, faith….I can go on and on. Thank you for sharing your story.”


“ Thanks for sharing this Ke’Shawn. You are beautiful! I always thought this. I may not relate to this specific journey but you speak on things that can be for a broader audience. And knowing that you’re enough and self-love resonate with me the most. I look forward to reading more and supporting you.”


“ Thank you for your openness in this blog. I can relate in so many ways it is uncanny. I am so ashamed and at my highest weight. I am super obese. I need prayer and just some way to get started. Please continue to write!”


“ Wow, wow, wow!!!! All I can say is Wow when I read this because I myself am in the same mind frame. I myself have struggled with weight my entire life and feel that the Lord is guiding me in a direction that I just keep fighting. It’s time to be free to love myself and feel my weight does not validate who I am. This really encouraged me in so many ways! I will stay connected, fight and be free right along side of you. I look forward to reading more about your journey and learning more about the woman of God that you are. Stay blessed!”


“ So brave of you to share your story…. We all battle our own insecurities …. And take them to the grave with us…. So for this I truly commend you for sharing your true most inner feelings…. And even more, Much respect to you for doing so!”


“This has truly touched me in more ways than one! God is doing great things! Thank you for this message and may God continue to use you 

“Beautifully written my Sister. I am determined that God puts certain people together to experience trail at the same times. I am blessed by your blog and hope that you continue to do the wondrous works of our Father.”


“On a day such as this, Ke’Shawn, You are truly a mighty woman of God. I can’t wait to hear and see the rest of your testimony. I was so delighted to read and learn about Mrs Adamson. I am really excited about this for you and to now be able watch your ministry grow….”


“This is a very inspiring piece. It motivates one to move forward irrespective of the challenges ahead. Thanks a lot for this article.”


“ Great word! Thank you and glory to God for His wisdom and encouragement to
All of us.”


Thanks for stopping by! Continue to join me as I share with you what Christ is sharing with me about overcoming. As always, Be Encouraged, Stay Connected, Fight & Let's Become Free Together. Yours in Christ, Ke'Shawn Adamson, B.O.O.M!

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